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Magical Chameleon Effect Pigments

May 14th, 2018

The chameleon effect, also known as the “angular heterochromatic” effect, is a property that changes color and luster as the angle of observation changes, or changes the angle of illumination of a light source while the angle of observation remains the same, and the color changes as well.

In general, pigments or dyes absorb light in a specific wavelength range and reflect the rest of the light. Chameleon pigments are transparent sheet crystals with a spiral structure that do not absorb light, but only reflect and transmit it, thus creating color effects through optical interference effects, like soap bubbles.

In the spiral structure, the liquid crystal molecules in the shape of cigar smoke are arranged in parallel rows of layers. Each layer has a slightly different molecular orientation. We define the distance between two layers with the same molecular orientation as the pitch, which determines the color of the sheet crystal.

A typical chameleon pigment chip crystal particle has about 10 superimposed pitches, each of which reflects light. Of the incident light, the wavelength of the light matching the pitch of the particle is reflected, while the rest is transmitted to the surface of the object.

Due to the transparency of the pigment, the color of the actor itself plays an important role in the application of chameleon pigments. When using chameleon pigments on dark, especially black, surfaces, a unique color effect can be obtained that changes depending on the viewing angle. Conversely, on white or off-white backgrounds, only a very subtle flicker of color change is produced, as the background reflects most of the incident light.

Chameleon pigments can add a fresh dynamic and individual color to your products. Whether your products are automobiles, sports equipment, communication tools, toys, leather, textiles, cosmetics, or other items, the surface layer of chameleon pigments will elevate them to a premium level of their own. The advent of chameleon pigments heralds a post-metallic era. Chameleon pigments are ushering in a new era in coloring. It will revolutionize the formulation of your paint, coating, plastic and cosmetic industry varieties. Your customers will also focus on your products with incredulous looks and heartfelt admiration!

Due to their easy processing properties and special color effects, chameleon pigments have quite a wide range of applications. In the formulation of transparent systems, chameleon pigments give the best color effect. For a deep gloss effect application, the product should be covered with a transparent coating. Chameleon pigments can be used in paints, coatings, printing inks and plastics. Opaque or light scattering components will attenuate the color change until the desired brightness effect. By mixing with other pigments (e.g. metallic, pearlescent pigments), highly attractive effects can be obtained. In transparent plastics, the desired covering power can be obtained by adding a very small amount of carbon black (about 0.01%). During paint application, the chameleon pigment particles should be made to appear in a parallel arrangement. This gives the best results. For outdoor applications, the addition of UV absorbers is recommended.

The following properties of chameleon pigments.
1. compatibility with all types of binders in powder, water-based and solvent-based formulation systems easy dispersibility
2. low density, eliminating the problem of settling
3. Transparency for use on colored surfaces.

Expanded product range. The vivid scenery that changes from time to time brought by chameleon pigment gives vitality to the object. The color hue can be changed by the following ways.
1. Changing the color of the base layer
2. Mixing two chameleon pigment varieties
3. Mixing chameleon pigments with other colorants.

Clear paints, coatings and colored pastes using chameleon pigments all create a new color sensation and can expand your product range. By combining your products with different color actives, your customers can get a variety of color variations using only a few of your products.

Chameleon pigments are safe because.
1. Free of heavy metals and other toxic substances
2. can be harmonized with the surrounding environment
3. Non-toxic and non-hazardous pigments as defined by environmental authorities.

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